Wolviston Village Cattery

I’ve just completed a web site for a local cattery, Wolviston Village Cattery.  The site is optimised for search engines, includes a booking form and has integrated Twitter and Facebook accounts.  Here’s a screen shot:Image

The site is available if you want to take a look at http://www.wolvistoncatterydurham.co.uk

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DIY Bathrooms eCommerce Web Site

I’ve virtually finished this web site now, I need some more information from the business owner to get it fully working but the look and feel is ready, have a look:

It’s at http://www.diybathroom.co.uk


Quite pleased with it, my first eCommerce site.

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SC Builders Website Finished

I’ve just finished building a web site for a local Darlington based Builder and Decorator, SC Builders of Darlington.

The site is quite good, I am pleased with it and it’s already ranking well on Google.





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Advertising on LinkedIn

The company has started advertising today, LinkedIn kindly gave a voucher for $50 worth of free advertising and the advert has now been placed.  This will see a total of 50k impressions and hopefully will lead to some work coming through.  As the company is new there’s not a lot of work on the books and so I can offer the websites at a staggeringly low price of just £99 all inclusive.

I do have one website under way at the moment that a friend has asked me to build for their new business venture, but I can’t do much with that at the moment as they are still finalising the details of their product!

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Business Cards

My order of 250 business cards arrived today from Vistaprint and they are good enough to use but I will be redesigning them for next time.  The problem with them is the background is quite dark and doesn’t really work with my logo, although the text (the important stuff) does look fine.

You can see my card here, my online business card.  It looks better on a computer screen as the colours are brighter, worth bearing in mind if you are designing one for yourself.  I think I’d probably stick to a plain white background next time.

The cost for 250 cards came out at around £16 including the uploading of my logo and postage.  It’s a lot more than their advertised £2.40 for 250 cards, but it’s the postage that really ups the price, if you want them anywhere near quickly it’s going to treble the cost at least.  I paid extra to get mine in 7 days so it’s not exactly lightning fast either. I’ll probably try a rival company next time to see how they are.

Anyway, website is now almost complete so I can advertise soon, I plan starting with adverts on LinkedIn to start with as I can target small business owners quite accurately with that and they are my target market.  I can also drip feed the adverts so I don’t get overwhelmed with work, maybe I am being optimistic there!

I aim to get the adverts out by the start of next week, will report back with the outcome.

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Hello World!

After having designed dozens of websites, written on-line games and blogs I decided with over twelve years experience behind me it is time to launch my own web design company.

I’ve worked for plenty of idiots over the years which makes me perfectly qualified to become self-employed!

To begin with we’re offering all-inclusive websites for just £99.  No hidden charges, this includes domain name and hosting costs and pretty much everything you need to get your business on-line.  If this sounds of interest then I suggest you get in touch with me quickly as I will not be able to offer this price for very long, it is simply to get me some initial business so I can get the business off the ground.

The website is at http://www.webdesign-99.com and there’s a contact form if you’d like to get in touch with your requirements.

I offer SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) as part of the deal and can also offer advice regards e-marketing as I have a background in that area as well.

Get in touch, what are you waiting for?

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